Practical information


CROSSMINDS will be organised in the 1st semester of academic year 2022-2023. 

For each masterclass, online sessions, some self-study and an on-site workshop are foreseen. These on-site workshops take place on:


The masterclasses are completely free.

Time investment

Each masterclass comprises about 18 hours of study time, consisting of online lectures, some self-study and a +-3h
on-site workshop.


The masterclasses take place online.

The on-site workshops take place in:

  • Eindhoven - 20 October (for masterclasses 'Supply Chain Collaboration' and 'Smart Sensing: Advanced Electronics & Sensor Technology')
  • Diepenbeek - 17 November (for masterclasses 'Smart Building' en 'Artificial Intelligence & Data Management')
  • Leuven - 1 December (for masterclass 'Circular Economy')


Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of the attended masterclasses.


Do you want to join? Registration is mandatory and is possible until 30 September 2022.