Practical information


CROSSMINDS will be organised in the 1st semester of academic year 2022-2023. 

For each masterclass, online sessions, some self-study and an on-site workshop are foreseen. These on-site workshops take place (depending on the chosen masterclass(es)) on:

We are also organising an online kick-off on Thursday
6 October
from 10-12h.


CROSSMINDS is a course of 3 ECTS.  

Each masterclass comprises about 18 hours of study time, consisting of online lectures, some self-study and a +-3h
on-site workshop. 

You will receive a certificate after attending all masterclasses.


The masterclasses take place online.

The on-site workshops take place (depending on the chosen masterclass(es)) in:

  • Eindhoven - 20 October (for masterclasses 'Supply Chain Collaboration and 'Smart Sensing: Advanced Electronics & Sensor Technology')
  • Diepenbeek - 17 November (for masterclasses 'Smart Building' en 'Artificial Intelligence & Data Management')
  • Leuven - 1 December (for masterclass 'Circular Economy')

You can choose this course as an elective in your curriculum.

First, you need to register via the central registration form.  Afterwards, the coordinator of your educational institution will contact you with concrete instructions on how to add this course to your curriculum.